Olio extravergine Bio

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The organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives grown following the organic farming specifications of the varieties of top of mola, leccino, simone, ogliastra.

The collection by the shareholders takes place by December 31st. it is characterized by delicate and fresh fruity and grass notes. Enveloping aroma with a pleasantly almond bitterness and a delicate and persistent spicy.

Available in formats:

- Tin / can of 250ml, 2lt and 5lt

- Bottle of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml

- Carton composed of: 2 or 4 5lt milk, 5 2lt milk, 6 or 12 750ml bottles, 12 500ml bottles, 30 250ml bottles.



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Indicates the percentage expressed in oleic acid in an oil and is a quality indicator. As the value increases, the quality of the product decreases. It can also increase due to negligence in the production process: use of overripe or unhealthy olives, excessively long time intervals between olive harvesting and processing, poor care or hygiene in processing.
Acidity it is found in the taste of the oil but can only be defined by laboratory analysis. Extra virgin olive oil must have a maximum acidity, expressed as oleic acid, of 0.8%.

Bitter and spicy

The bitter and spicy taste that is felt in the tasting of extra virgin olive oil is determined by particular polyphenols (hydroxytyrosol) whose presence, beyond certain values, characterizes a high quality natural product as required by EC Regulation 432 / 12.


The conservation of an organic extra virgin olive oil is very important to keep intact its properties: color, taste and aroma. Extra virgin olive oil fears three insidious enemies: smells, light and heat; therefore it is advisable to keep it in a cool and dry environment with not excessive temperature variations, away from direct light and air. It is a good rule to consume it within 18 months after bottling, since after this period the fragrance and the flavor fade and more and more evident defects appear to make it unusable. The best containers are those made of stainless steel. Also the dark glass containers are excellent. The preservation material must not be transparent to light.

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