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The Cooperative, born in 1977, is located on the hills of the city of Monopoli. Since her birth she has mainly dealt with the olive harvest and oil production. In fact, thanks to the qualities of olives present in the area, such as Cima di Mola, Coratina, Ogliarola, Simone, Leccino and Frantoio, the Cooperative produces an appreciated Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as, Organic and D.O.P. . The olives are hand-burned through cold pressing methods, while the milling is still done with the traditional granite mills within 48 hours from collection.

Finally we cultivate the ancient and precious durum wheat Senatore Cappelli from which excellent semolina is produced. We also have Italian honey of various types and jars of typical products in oil (aubergines, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms, etc ...) under our brand.


Our olive trees are part of the large expanse of centuries-old olive trees that have always characterized the Apulian land, especially between Bari and the ancient lands of Otranto. Here there is the highest concentration of millennial plants in the world, representing the oldest existing arboreal agricultural landscape. In these olive groves there are many historical-cultural, archaeological and architectural testimonies of immeasurable value. For this reason, during the harvest period our olive groves are treated with love and dedication , because they are not only trees with a great evocative and symbolic power, but are real works of art. art sculpted by time and wind.




Wandering through our countryside in November you can see our workers picking these precious fruits. It is precisely in this period that this ancient practice begins, which continues for the following months. We still use the traditional method of hand picking , certainly more tiring but the best to guarantee the excellent quality of the oil produced. Already the ancient Romans claimed that the oil was better harvested in this way and left to slaves that produced with the olives fallen to the ground. Today the hand picking is done by using combs that make the olives fall on the nets lying on the ground, or with sticks, with which to hit the branches of trees, so as to make the olives fall. The harvest is only the first phase of many others to finally obtain our good and fragrant oil.

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