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Confettura extra di albicocca

Our apricot jam comes from a careful selection in the crops of our land, with the addition of sugar and lemon juice, without the use of preservatives.

Excellent for a healthy, genuine and tasty breakfast or snack!

300gr jar

Confettura extra di Amarene

The cherries, like cherries, grow in the heat and in the sunlight, but have a different taste from the most common cherries, are a bit 'more bitter.

Our tradition, usually combines cherry jam with bread or cakes and donuts. Among all the jams and certainly the least sweet.

315gr jar

Confettura extra di arance

Tasty jam made with oranges harvested in compliance with natural maturation times, tradition and craftsmanship.

Fresh and local raw materials, without any added preservatives.

300gr jar

Confettura extra di ciliegie

In our land, cherries are the most awaited fruit of the year, we call them "red gold". That's why we pick them up, process them and taste them in all shapes, including extra cherry jam.
At breakfast, or as a simply coated snack and for some even paired with cheeses.

320gr jar

Confettura extra di Fragole

May in our land is the "red" month, not only for cherries but also for the color of strawberries that color our fields. Work with great care, giving the right balance of taste and consistency, we obtain an extra, velvety and creamy jam.

300gr jar

Confettura extra di melagrana

Ingredients of our extra jam: pomegranate (85%), sugar (15%)

220gr jar

Confettura extra di mele cotogne

Quince: a special and delicious fruit that offers winter! This original fruit of the Middle East has a pleasantly acidulous and astringent taste, but skilfully processed it turns into a delicious and sweet jam that encloses the scent of this winter fruit. Quince jam can be used to stuff sweets but also to flavor and flavor meat.

300gr jar

Confettura extra di Prugne

The plum jam, is prepared in summer when these fruits are naturally sweet and the pulp is of perfect consistency. Re-mineralizing, antioxidant and rich in nutrients is a valid aid against fatigue and allies against osteoporosis

With its particular flavor, plum and cinnamon jam is perfect for breakfast but also for filling delicious pies and cakes.

300gr jar

Confettura extra di uva

This exquisite black grape jam has a bright color, allows you to capture the taste of autumn and enjoy the incredible benefits of the grape even in the winter months.
On a frissella is ideal to start the day well and to give you the promise of a more lasting youth through its free radicals.

300gr jar

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