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Confettura extra di ciliegie


In our land, cherries are the most awaited fruit of the year, we call them "red gold". That's why we pick them up, process them and taste them in all shapes, including extra cherry jam.
At breakfast, or as a simply coated snack and for some even paired with cheeses.

320gr jar

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Ingredients of our extra jam: cherries (85%), sugar (15%).

320gr jar

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Lampascioni sott'olio

Lampascioni are one of the most ancient and characteristic vegetables of Apulia and widespread in other parts of southern Italy. For the cuisine of Puglia it is one of the most delicious preserves among our typical products, food for connoisseurs.

With a bitterish taste, it remains crunchy in the mouth, it is a precious food rich in potassium, vitamins and mineral salts. They are indicated as an appetizer or combined with other foods. The remaining oil, aromatic and quality, can be used for the dressing of bruschetta, salads, or simply be consumed on a slice of fresh bread.Taste of 300gr

Melanzane a fette sottolio

A dish with a unique taste, among the most appreciated of all the boot, which originates from a careful selection of the best aubergines harvested with the right maturation, before the violet color of the skin tends to clear , immediately handcrafted within the next 48 hours

Aubergines in oil can be eaten as a simple appetizer or side dish, but they are particularly ideal for making delicious appetizers, to be used as a ready side dish or to accompany fish or meat roasts.

280gr jar

Cime di rape

In our land the turnip tops are a fundamental element that is used in almost all recipes.
The paté of turnip tops is made in a traditional way, from a selection of the best turnips in season seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, to enclose in a jar all the flavor of the Bari tradition. Simple and genuine, it is ideal for a tempting aperitif, spread on toast and friselline.

180gr jar

Olio extravergine Bio
From €7.60

The organic extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives grown following the organic farming specifications of the varieties of top of mola, leccino, simone, ogliastra.

The collection by the shareholders takes place by December 31st. it is characterized by delicate and fresh fruity and grass notes. Enveloping aroma with a pleasantly almond bitterness and a delicate and persistent spicy.

Available in formats:

- Tin / can of 250ml, 2lt and 5lt

- Bottle of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml

- Carton composed of: 2 or 4 5lt milk, 5 2lt milk, 6 or 12 750ml bottles, 12 500ml bottles, 30 250ml bottles.

Confettura extra di melagrana

Ingredients of our extra jam: pomegranate (85%), sugar (15%)

220gr jar

Rape sottolio

Le Cime di Rapa are sprouts of the best known Pugliese vegetables, have an intense flavor and are very rich in iron and detoxifying.
The shoots are harvested by hand when ripe from plants grown in the Apulian countryside.
Each turnip top is harvested by hand, cleaned, and each shredded sprout, to then be compactly packed all together by hand in their jars and finally covered with extra-virgin olive oil and heated to sterilize them.
Used as an appetizer or as a side dish for cooked meats, you can also combine it with various cheeses.

280gr jar

Pomodori secchi

Tomato is a food low in calories and rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C. Tomatoes to become dry must be kept in full sun and possibly in a ventilated place all ingredients present in Puglia. In our preserves you will find only quality tomatoes preserved with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, oregano and salt. They combine with bruschetta with cold cuts and cheeses, enhance risotto and cold pastries and are ideal for enriching side dishes, main courses of meat.

280gr jar