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Confettura extra di arance


Tasty jam made with oranges harvested in compliance with natural maturation times, tradition and craftsmanship.

Fresh and local raw materials, without any added preservatives.

300gr jar

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Making need of virtue! A typical oil in an ancient rural tradition where for "principle" and for necessity nothing was thrown away and everything was put in oil once cooked. From today a tasty specialty is born.

Ideal in the preparation of rice salads, cold pasta, vegetable sauces, sandwiches, toasts, appetizers, appetizers, as a side dish to salami, meat, fish, boiled meat, roasts.

280gr jar

Ciliegie in alcol

In every family of our territory there is, for generations, a mother, an aunt or a grandmother who puts cherries in the spirit, precious and tasty way to extend beyond the season the pleasure of eating this delicious, delicious and voluptuous fruit , perhaps with ice cream or simply in a bowl after Sunday lunch, as a digestive.

280gr jar

Olio extravergine
From €2.88

The extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives of the top varieties of mola, leccino, simone, ogliastra. The collection by the shareholders takes place by December 31st.

It is characterized by a light, bitter, fruity aroma with a delicate hint of fresh almond and grass.

Available in formats:

- Tin / can of 175ml, 250ml, 2lt and 5lt

- Bottle of 250ml, 500ml, 750ml

- Carton composed of: 2 or 4 5lt milk, 5 2lt milk, 6 or 12 750ml bottles, 12 500ml bottles, 30 250ml bottles.

Confettura extra di melagrana

Ingredients of our extra jam: pomegranate (85%), sugar (15%)

220gr jar

Confettura extra di mele cotogne

Quince: a special and delicious fruit that offers winter! This original fruit of the Middle East has a pleasantly acidulous and astringent taste, but skilfully processed it turns into a delicious and sweet jam that encloses the scent of this winter fruit. Quince jam can be used to stuff sweets but also to flavor and flavor meat.

300gr jar

Lampascioni sott'olio

Lampascioni are one of the most ancient and characteristic vegetables of Apulia and widespread in other parts of southern Italy. For the cuisine of Puglia it is one of the most delicious preserves among our typical products, food for connoisseurs.

With a bitterish taste, it remains crunchy in the mouth, it is a precious food rich in potassium, vitamins and mineral salts. They are indicated as an appetizer or combined with other foods. The remaining oil, aromatic and quality, can be used for the dressing of bruschetta, salads, or simply be consumed on a slice of fresh bread.Taste of 300gr

Confettura extra di Amarene

The cherries, like cherries, grow in the heat and in the sunlight, but have a different taste from the most common cherries, are a bit 'more bitter.

Our tradition, usually combines cherry jam with bread or cakes and donuts. Among all the jams and certainly the least sweet.

315gr jar

Carciofini interi

One pulls the other, even without bread, the artichokes in oil are an irresistible temptation, they are one of the most typical preserves of Mediterranean cuisine and of all the south of Italy.
Prepared by peeling the fresh artichokes first dipped in a solution of water, vinegar, and lemon and then stored with our extra virgin olive oil

For an aperitif with a classic taste and simple to taste, in a small bowl with forks or to give a chef's touch on a homemade cake or rice salad, for artichoke lovers . Simplicity, in this product, marries the naturalness and exceptional quality of the Pugliese artichoke.

280gr jar