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There has always been the belief that frying with olive oil hurts because it is heavy and fatty. In reality, the best oil for frying is extra virgin olive oil. Frying is a dish loved by everyone. You need to know how to choose the best oil, a product capable of guaranteeing goodness and health benefits. It all depends on the high smoke point. The smoke point of the oil is the temperature which, if reached, releases toxic substances. In similar situations it is necessary to find a resistant product and the seed oil, in spite of what you think, is not able to withstand the heat of the fryer or the pan well without being harmful to the body. The ideal solution is to fry with extra virgin olive oil. This is also demonstrated by this research published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the scientific journal of the American Chemical Society. The results showed that the key food of the Mediterranean diet withstands high temperatures, and does not undergo oxidative deterioration. And therefore it maintains its beneficial properties unchanged. In this way, you can savor your favorite frying and protect the health of the organism. The extra virgin olive oil, in fact, is rich in polyphenols that fight free radicals. Extra virgin olive oil is the right choice in the kitchen also for fries because its fatty acids are more stable than those of seed oil and the critical point of olive oil is 210 degrees centigrade. Considering that the ideal temperature for frying is 170/180 degrees, it fully falls within the required standards. In addition, olive oil, unlike seed oil which is refined through chemical processes, is a natural and nutraceutical product.


Use narrow and deep pots, the pans should not be too large; the food must be completely immersed in the oil for frying and checking that it is hot; it is preferable to remain below the maximum expected temperature; replace the extra virgin olive oil every time it darkens, becomes viscous or produces smoke during frying; avoid swelling, adding the used oil to the new one; protect extra virgin olive oil from light; dry the food well before putting it in the oil; cut food evenly to ensure the same cooking times; do not fill the pot with too many dishes, the temperature of the extra virgin olive oil is very low; avoid putting salt and other spices during cooking. These elements can alter the oil, the best solution is to season the food later; dry the food with a paper towel before eating it.


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